Invoice finance platform

Populous enables invoice buyers from around the world to participate in the global invoice discounting marketplace. Invoice buyers will compete to buy invoices with interest rates they deem suitable and if the bid is successful will collect both principal and interest on invoice due date.

Invoice buyers can also purchase invoices with minimal risks due to the unique safeguard Populous have put in place to protect buyers in cases of late payment or even defaults.

There are currently over 40,000 businesses across the UK that use invoice finance.

Why Populous

Plenty of choices

Thousands of small to medium sized global enterprises.

High client predictability

We use algorithms to scan Big Data to source potential clients.

Lower risks

We perform risk analysis on each borrower using our unique proprietary system.

Global currencies

We use an internal token that is pegged to global currencies to enable stability.

No investment limits

No investment limit. No income or asset limit. Group bid and spread risk.

No intermediaries

Only the invoice buyers and invoice sellers trade, without needing third parties.

We're on Blockchain

The transparency of transactions recorded via Blockchain is a major enabler of faster payments and improved financing. It reduces risk of fraud and lowers cost. Populous created a Blockchain-based Smart contract platform to autonomously perform all necessary functions connected with funding, releasing payments, and the distribution of recorded data. This eliminates manual error and the need for any services from third parties.

And here is the best part:

We are global. Populous enables invoice sellers to connect with global invoice buyers.

How to finance invoices

Start investing today

On short-term investments with a global invoice financing platform built on blockchain